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Blood Tests & Diagnostic Services 

We are a team of healthcare professionals experienced over a decade in various sectors of diagnostic industry. We are working towards creating a knowledge bank of blood tests and diagnostic services. Also we can offer these blood tests and other diagnostic services at affordable costs at your doorstep.Let us know the  price you are paying for health check up at any laboratory or hospital, and we will give you alternative options of price and/or  quality for the same services.More
Our mission is to spread awareness on the importance of preventive health checkups explaining each diagnostic test in a way common man understands it better. Also, most importantly make them spend less on diagnostic tests through honest and transparent pricing.
 Our vision is to be the single largest online encyclopedia of blood tests and diagnostic services where the common man understands it in a better way before or after they avail service. Also, give them a clear idea with transparency on what they pay for each service by pricing it honestly.
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Do you belong to any of these medical professional categories - Pharmacist, Nurse, hospital attendant, clinic receptionist, medical representative, or blood collection technician? Join us now to spread awareness on wellness among the common man and you get paid for the service.
HBA1C - Fructosamine - Fasting Blood Sugar - Random Blood Sugar - Postprandial Blood Sugar - Average Blood Glucose - Insulin Fasting - Blood Ketone
Vitamin D Total - Vitamin D2 - Vitamin D3 - Vitamin A - Vitamin E - Vitamin K - Vitamin B-12 - Vitamin B1 - Vitamin B2 - Vitamin B3 - Vitamin B5 - Vitamin B6 - Vitamin B7 - Vitamin B9 - % Transferrin Saturation Iron - Total Iron Binding capacity Serum Zinc - Serum Copper - Magnesium - Chloride - Sodium - Potassium
Complete Blood Count
Basophils Absolute count - Eosinophils Absolute Count - Lymphocytes Absolute Count - Monocytes Absolute count - Neutrophils Absolute count - Basophils - Eosinophils - Hemoglobin - Immature granulocytes(IG) - Immature Granulocyte Percentage(IG%) - Total Leucocytes count - Lymphocyte percentage - Mean Corpuscular hemoglobin(MCH) - Mean Corp.Hemo.Conc(MCHC) - Mean Corpuscular Volume(MCV) - Monocytes - Neutrophils - Nucleated Red blood cells - Nucleated Red blood cells % - Hematocrit(PCV) - Platelet Count - Total RBC - Red cell distribution width (RDW-CV) - Red cell distribution width - SD(RDW-SD) -
T3 - T4 - TSH - FT3 - FT4
BUN/Sr.Creatinine Ratio - Blood Urea Nitrogen BUN - Calcium - Cystatin C - Creatinine Serum - Uric Acid - Blood Ammonia 
Total Cholesterol - HDL Cholesterol Direct - LDL Cholesterol Direct - LDL/HDL Ratio - Non-HDL Cholesterol - TC/HDL Cholesterol Ratio - Triglycerides - VLDL Cholesterol -APO B / APO A1 Ratio APO B/A1 - Apolipoprotein A1 APO-A1 - Apolipoprotein B APO-B - High sensitivity C-reactive Protein HSCRP - Lipoprotein (A) LP(A) -
Anti CCP ACCP - Anti Nuclear Antibodies ANA - Vitamin D Total - Vitamin D2 - Vitamin D3 -
Skin and Hair
Outside of a medical emergency, your primary care physician is the "first responder" to your healthcare needs.
Serum ALB/Globulin Ratio - Alkaline Phosphatase - Bilirubin Direct - Bilirubin indirect - Bilirubin Total - Gamma Glutamyl Transferase - Protein Total - Albumin serum - serum Globulin - Aspartate Aminotransferase (SGOT) - Alanine Transferase (SGPT) - Blood Ammonia
Silver - Aluminium - Arsenic - Barium - Berylium - Bismuth - Cadmium - Cobalt - Chromium - Caesium - Mercury - Manganese - Molybdenum - Nickel - Lead - Antimony - Selenium - Tin - Strontium - Thallium - Uranium - Vanadium -
Amylase -

Blood Tests

Explained Better

Learning and gaining knowledge about each blood test helps you understand more about your health. Thus, you can decide on your food and lifestyle by doing regular health checkups along with doctor consultation wherever required to live a high quality life. Here you get to know about Test Description, Clinical significance, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Technology, Automation, Related Tests and Profiles, Treatment, Source and SupplementsLearn More on all Blood Tests

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